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The creative sharing of pad printer

Do you know how the patterns of the apples are displayed? When you visited the supermarket, did you find that some of the patterns on the apples were nice. Did you think it was farmer who used mold during planting? I believe many people are wrong. It’s totally wrong. I also know this fact now. How can we get it? Let’s learn the specific procedure together ! First of all, you need a pad printing equipment, including pad printing silicone rubber. We can compare the following two pictures:   The carving on the apple is exquisite, fully shows the unique beauty of the product and attractive to people completely . If it matches a special holiday or application, is it even more upscale,isn't it? At present, It is widely recognized that the better-used pad printing silicone rubber is produced by Shenzhen Hongyejie Technology Co., Ltd. The features of the pad printing silicone rubber: Excellent quality, Without any impurity, Great resilience, Good oiling, Perfect printing effects, And easy to operate. If you also want to add beautiful features to your product, how about considering printing a unique logo with a printing pad?

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