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Silicone foam has a significant effect in replacing PU foam, and a foreign trade company has made a lot of money

At present, the most lively chemical materials is about two parts liquid silicone rubber. What exactly is happening? Let's check it out.


RTV2 liquid foam silicone rubber as an emerging environmentally friendly material

In the market, has got more and more positive feedbacks from customers.

But the most attractive is the foam silicone rubber in the branch of liquid silicone.



If you have been using liquid polyurethane foam to make the finished products, such as PU building board, auto pillow, Foam filling, sex dolls filling and others.

Then the liquid silicone foam may help you with your business and become a millionaire or more.


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1 Why choose liquid silicone foam, not PU foam?

A: With the improvement of living standards, people more and more will require the foam to be flame retardant.

As we know, the highest level of foam is UL-94V0. Then silicone foam can do it easily better than PU foam.

What's more:

- FDA certified, medical grade, totally nontoxic, odorless, harmless, and eco-friendly
- Wide hardness from 0-10 shore A.
- Wide bubbling times
- High temperature resistance
- Good flexibility, permeability and insulativity
- No oily problem


2 What density of silicone foam is in the market?

A: Now HONGYE SILICONE can make from 150KG/M^3 to 437KG/M^3.

Usually foam times in three or four will act it very well, their density is 270kg/m^3 and 233kg/m^3. Also we have customer who use six foam times (178kg/m^3) to make building board.

3 Comparing with famous Dowcorning foam silicone, we have F664 foam silicone.

Most customers use DOW 3-8186 foam silicone in place compression gaskets in applications that require low sealing force. Uses include sealing automotive components and lighting.

Now our F664 can replace it and get good response.


4 More datasheet about silicone foam:

Normally silicone foam has two kinds, one is open-cell, another is closed-cell. However open-cell is more popular.

Foam time: usually 5 to 10 mins, so it requires more precise machine to make it.

Hardness: 5 shore C to 20 shore A, different hardness by your demands.

Now it's the new product in the market of siliocne foam. If you can occupy and put into mroe, the future you will earn more.

Actually a 21-year-old manufacturer in China has grasped this chance and quickly made tens of millions. So you can imagine how powerful the new material is.


Surely, if you know more silicone foam than us or have inquiry, pls don't hesitate to contact us.

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