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So funny, liquid silicone can change the hardness like this!

With the development of the times, more and more environmentally friendly materials have attracted people's attention. One of the most dazzling is probably liquid silicone.

You may have used liquid silicone to make stones and plaster molds, or you may use it to produce silicone sex dolls, human organs, and sex products, or you may use it for waterproofing and moisture-proof potting of electronic components and HEPA air-conditioning filters.

But do you know that you can get a new hardness after mixing two kinds of silicone rubber of the same type? Isn't it amazing?

Then follow our steps to expose the mystery of silicone hardness.


Lets make an example for you to know it well.

If you bought 40 shore A hardness and 20 shroe A hardness platinum cure silicone.

But you want to get the 30 shore A hardness of silicone by yourself, then how will you do?

1 So for platinum addition cure silicone, we have ways for you to make it:


The paltinum cure silicone(such as HONBGYE E6 series) has different hardness combinations.

20A and 40A are used to obtain 30A silicone rubber. The two models are mixed according to a certain ratio:

A component and A component are mixed, B component and B component are mixed, and finally mixed in A and B. This mixing ratio is calculated according to:

For example, adjust to 30 shore A hardness? Mix with 20A and 40A by 1:1,

adjust to 25 shore A? then use E620 (20 A) :E640 (40 A) =3:1, but be sure to stir again.
Otherwise, it may cause some parts to be different.

How to operate?

E620 A component is taken 300 grams, E640 A component is taken 100 grams, mixed, stirred evenly
Take 300 parts of component B of E620, take 100 grams of component B of E640, mix and mix well.
After mixing the A component + B component, mix and stir evenly, you can get 800 grams of E625.



2 For condensation tin cure silicone, how to change hardness? 
Condensed type, only need to mix silicone rubber by 1:1 or 3:1.

No need to mix curing agent, curing agent is universal.

So if you'd like to know more about silicone hardness changing, welcome your inquiry anytime.

HONGYE SILICONE can provide you more and more professional service of liquid silicone. Surely, to expand your business is our goal with each other.

Meantime, if you have new ideas about liquid siliocne, welcome your calling or email us directly.

Your opinion will be our driving force for continuous growth.

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