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About us

Shenzhen Hong Ye Jie Technology Co., Ltd. established in 1998, is a Science and technology corporation which is engaged in production, R & D, and sales of silicone rubber. It setted up Hong Kong Hong Ye Ltd., Shenzhen Hong Ye Silicone Rubber Factory and other affiliated enterprises in 2005.

Today we are recognized as the global leading silicone rubber manufacturer by producing high quality silicone rubber products in an unsurpassed variety of RTV-2 silicone rubber, HTV silicone rubber, LSR, etc. And We are the biggest exporter of liquid silicone rubber in China in 2014 by exporting our silicone rubber to Southeast Asia, Europe, the America etc. 7continents, and our silicone rubber is well-received by the customers from more than 138 countries and regions !  

Our success was built on two excellent teams: one is the R & D team with rich theoretical knowledge, the other one is the sales team who are proficient in several international languages, and with rich experience, advanced skills, strong sense of responsibility and full of vitality.
And our silicone rubber is with good new raw material and various specifications, which is featured with good performance and high reputation. We produce hundreds of kinds of silicone products like silicone rubber, RTV-2 molding silicone rubber, silicone rubber for manual model design, shoe sole mold silicone rubber, silicon oil, pad printing silicone rubber, encapsulant and potting compound, silicone rubber for LED display, electronic thermolysis ointment, thermal conductivity silicone, special silicone rubber for CPU, silicone tube, silicone membrane, silicone sealant, liquid silicone rubber, addition cure RTV silicone rubber, HTV silicone rubber, solid silicone rubber, gross rubber, silicone rubber sheet, hot stamping silicone plates, liquid silicone, hot stamping silicone roller, etc.
What you need is what we purse. We are sure that our first class silicone rubber will bring you first class products. We are looking forward to establishing long and good business relationship with you---our new/regular customers from domestic and foreign countries. Let's joint hands to cooperate with mutual benefits!


With this mission, we believe we will operate a great company for our partners and employees. At the same time, we can help HONG YE JIE PEOPLE to change destiny, improve income, creat value, achieve wealth free.



We aim to make our brand: HONG YE SILICONE RUBBER to be the highest standards of RTV silicone rubber field. At the same time, we will be able to help HONG YE JIE PEOPLE to realize a happy family, a asuccessful career, a happy life



Customer first, pursuit ideal, do the best, serious and responsible, win-win cooperation

We believe that a strong sense of a shared values and rich activities enables us to maintain a passionate, creative, promising mood, and at the same time,  enables us maintain a common company culture and community, no matter how large we grow ! And finally, it make us focus on meeting the needs of our customers in the most efficient way !

Our success and rapid growth is built on the spirit of thanksgiving culture, competition / PK culture, learning culture and happiness culture.  


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