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Magical silicone rubber

If there is a loss of loneliness, you should be accompanied by a beauty. With the continuous progress of the era, people's lives have been become busy and empty, material have been enriched, but it can not make up for some kind of thoughts and feelings in people’s heart. In the noisy Guangzhou City, there is such a pair of old people who concomitant with each other and thrown together in every sundown and sunrise, in which their children are busy in business and career, thus, they seldom take care of the life of the elder. But the providence is merciless, In the nightfall of a certain day, the grandmother has accidentally fallen, shortly afterwards, she left the world forever. The old man becoming grieving and sorrowing, tears on the face every day, Obeisance to the West and wasting away. When their children saw this situation and their hearts were broken, but they are helpless. After all, who can persuade a human to terminate a truth? Who can tell his father not to miss his mother so much? When everyone is at a loss what to do, the grandson of the old man presents a bold idea, According to one’s own experience, in order to eliminate the pain of grandfather’s lovesickness, it is great that using Hong Ye Silicone Rubber to make a grandmother's model, Since taking grandma's silicone model back,grandfather have been hardly tearing hinself away from it and his mood changed well. Every day, he gets up early to help “grandmother” wash her face and clothes, and also holds she to sunbathe and listen the radio under the balcony. The only pity is that "grandma" can't talk with grandpa, every time the children go home to visit grandpa, they all will hear such emotion. Therefore, The children and grandchildren are preparing to make a silicone robot grandmother who can speak. When they were having dinner, the father suddenly asked his son that how he knew this method, the son did not say anything at first and looked a bit awkward. But under the stimulation of his uncles and aunts, he told the story of his affinity with silicone On a night with a dark night wind, the young man was playing game alone in the late night, He inadvertently opened a glamorous website, there are all kinds of beauties on the site, and they all wear less. The hot-blooded young man deeply attracted to it. So, the young man had an inextricable relationship with a silicone doll. Silicone rubber is an environmentally friendly product, non-toxic and tasteless, soft touch and very high simulation, We can use it to produce highly simulated products according to people's needs, in which it not only enriches our lives, but also provides people with substantial solutions to many difficult demands.

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