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What makes your Valentine's Day more romantic

Valentine's Day is coming, I believe many couples have begun to think about how to surprise each other, how to create romance on the Tanabata. Some couples may choose to go to the restaurant to eat and watch movies on the same day, while some couples choose to cook at home and enjoy the world of two. In this case, put some aromatherapy candles in the room to increase the romantic atmosphere. With the development of society, more and more novel things, even this kind of inconspicuous small items are getting more and more fine. Now many manufacturers use silicone to make candles, as shown in the following figure, the lower layer is transparent. The soft silicone is poured into a glass bottle to fix the dried flowers inside. The upper layer is a candle that can be used for illumination, while the silicone has a fireproof and flame retardant effect, so it does not affect the underlying substances. It is beautiful and beautiful, can be placed indoors to make decorations, and has good practicality. With this, I believe that you will have a more romantic candlelight dinner. Having said that, many people will ask whether silicone is a flaw. Silicone is an environmentally friendly, non-toxic, high-low temperature, chemically stable liquid material that can be used in architectural molds, film and television special effects, medical experiments, and electronic irrigation. Seal and so on.

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