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Non-deformation Mold Making Silicone Rubber

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Non-deformation Mold Making Silicone Rubber Description:   It is non-deformation mold making silicone rubber because the performances of high tension and tear strength,low shrinkage,durable and non-deformation.Hong Ye non-deformation mold making silicone primarily includes condensation cure type HY-6 series and addition cure type HY-E series,the most suitable hardness are 25-35 shore A and all of the silicone performance are best.Non-deformation mold making silicone rubber is bicomponent liquid silicone,part A is flowable liquid,part B is vulcanizing agent.Part A can be cured after adding part B,the mixture can form quickly after mixing part A and part B,it is easy to operate.   Non-deformation Mold Making Silicone Rubber Application: 1.Architectural ornaments silicone rubber mold making,such as roman column,art stone,plaster line,backdrop,door frame,GRC,cement,resin furniture,rail,ceiling,base,fountain,fireplace,wall decoration,plant containers,European-style furniture,mosaic,sandstone products,sandstone sculpture,and so on. 2.Crafts silicone rubber mold making:such as resin crafts,poly resin crafts,emboss,buddhist statue,candle casting crafts,handmade soap,stationeries,Christmas decoration,sculpture,human replica,etc. 3.Other industrial products mold making:such as tire mold making,shoe mold making,etc. 4.Also can product specially on the basis of customers’ requirement.   Non-deformation Mold Making Silicone Rubber Features: 1.Good fluidity,easy to release bubbles,easy-pouring,easy to operate and demould. 2.Good weather resistance,high and low temperature resistance,acid and alkali resistance,aging resistance. 3.High tension and tear strength,low shrinkage. (the shrinkage of condensation cure silicone rubber is 0.3%,the shrinkage of addition cure silicone rubber is 0.1%) 4.High duplication times,such as the plaster products can duplicate thousands of times. 5.No limited by the thickness of product,can be cured at room temperature or cured quickly by heating. 6.The hardness,viscosity,color,operation time,curing time of silicone rubber are adjustable according to customers’ requirements.   Hong Ye Silicone Rubber---Non-deformation Mold Making Silicone Rubber Datasheet of HY-630: Model HY-630 Appearance liquid Hardness(shore A ) 30±2 Mixing ratio(%) 2-3 Viscosity(mPa.s) 27000±2000 Tensile strength(MPa) 4.0 Tear-strength(kN/m) 26±2 Elongation(%) 420 Shrinkage rate(%) 0.3 Operation time(mins) 30-40 Curing time(hrs 25℃) 3-4 Note:Above parameters are just for HY-630 model,other parameters are not shown here.If you want to know,please contact us.The hardness after curing,viscosity operation time are available according to customers’ requirements.   Non-deformation Mold Making Silicone Rubber Operations: Three ways for mold making:envelope,pouring and brushing. 1.Take 500g of silicone rubber into a clear container and add 5% of curing agent and mix two part evenly. 2.Clean the original mould with detergent and polish it. 3.Make a square frame with four pieces of wooden boards,and make sure the wooden boards are cleaned,and the center ground should be 2-4cm. 4.Pouring the silicone rubber to the frame from a corner,now and then shake the silicone to release bubbles. 5.Silicone rubber is cured after 60 minutes,surround it with wood again,leave 4cm open space,and dismantle the origin wood. 6.Pouring the liquid silicone into plaster mould to make external plaster mold. 7.Dismantle the wood after 20 minutes,the plaster mould is finished.   Non-deformation Mold Making Silicone Rubber Notes: 1.The amount of catalyst should depend on temperature,Higher temperature,less addition. When the curing agent is used too much, the mould will be hard and brittle. When the curing agent is used too little, the operation time will be prolonged. 2.We do not advise you to add any silicone oil into the silicone rubber to prevent its physical changes. 3.In order to use silicone mold the most effectively,please use it after checking at least 24 hours.   Non-deformation Mold Making Silicone Rubber Package: The normally package of part A:25kg/drum,200kg/drum. The normally package of part B:1kg/bottle.

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