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Roman Column Mold Making Silicone

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Roman Column Mold Making Silicone Description:   Roman column mold silicone is a kind of specialized mold making silicone rubber for roman column.According to the large size and heavy performance,Hong Ye has a appropriative product for roman column mold making.Part A is flowable liquid silicone,part B is vulcanizing agent,the mixture can form quickly after mixing part A and part B,it is easy to operate.   Roman Column Mold Making Silicone Application:   Roman column mold silicone is primarily intended for large decorative building products mold making,such as roman column,emboss,plaster,art stone,backdrop,magnesium oxide products,cement,imitation jade products,mosaic,rail,ceilings,base,fountain,fireplace,wall decoration,plant containers,European-style carving,ground landmark sculpture,furniture carvings,furniture ornaments,and so on.   Roman Column Mold Making Silicone Features: 1.Good fluidity,easy-operation,non-deformation,suitable for delicate or intricate pattern decorative building products. 2.Good weather resistance,high and low temperature resistance,acid and alkali resistance,aging resistance. 3.High tension and tear strength,low shrinkage.(the shrinkage of condensation cure silicone rubber is less than 0.3%,the shrinkage of addition cure silicone rubber is less than 0.1%) 4.High duplication times,such as the duplication times of plaster can reach more than 1000 times. 5.Can be cured at room temperature or cured by heating quickly. 6.Easy to release bubbles,easy pouring and demoulding.   Roman Column Mold Making Silicone Operations: There are three kinds of silicone rubber mold making:envelope,brush mould ,pour mould. 1.The operation of pouring mould:   It is suitable for simple products with the smooth surface.Without any mold lines,which helps you save time and is easy for operation.Evenly and slowly perfuse the mixed silicone rubber into the square frame.After the cross linking reaction and the silicone turns dry,you can take the products out.Thus,the mold has been done. (Note:we usually use soft silicone rubber to make molds by perfusing,which is easy for demoulding and will not damage the product in the silicone molds.) 2.The operation of brushing mould:   a.Evenly brush the mixed silicone rubber on the product which has been vacuumed pumping,and spray a layer of mold release agent before brushing the mixture.   b.After the cross linking reaction (about 30 minutes),brush a layer of fiberglass cloth to increase the tension and tear strength of the mold.   C,Cover a glass cloth on it after another 30 minutes of a second cross linking reaction,and use a brush pen or a brush to avoid any interstices   D,Cover a third coat.   The outer of mold can be plaster or resin,this step will longer the mold using age,tear-strength, tension strength and duplication times. (Note:The product and mould must be sprayed a layer of mold release agent before brushing the mixed silicone rubber. 3.The operation of external mold   Way a.Make a square frame with four pieces of wooden boards or rubber plates,then place the product which is covered with the finished silicone rubber mould in the middle,slowly and evenly perfuse the gypsum into the square frame.   Way b.Brushing the resin on the product which is covered with the finished silicone rubber mould with a brush or a brush pen.Repeat this process two or three times after the cross link reaction.   Hong Ye Silicone Rubber---Roman Column Mold Making Silicone Datasheet of HY-640: Model HY-640 Appearance liquid Hardness(shore A ) 40±2 Mixing ratio(%) 2-3 Viscosity(mPa.s) 15000±2000 Tensile strength(MPa) 3.5 Tear-strength(kN/m) 21±2 Elongation(%) 400 Shrinkage rate(%) 0.3 Operation time(mins) 30-50 Curing time(hrs 25℃) 4-5   Roman Column Mold Making Silicone Notes: 1.The amount of catalyst should depend on temperature,Higher temperature,less addition. When the curing agent is used too much, the mould will be hard and brittle. When the curing agent is used too little, the operation time will be prolonged. 2.We do not advise you to add any silicone oil into the silicone rubber to prevent its physical changes. 3.In order to use silicone mold the most effectively,please use it after checking at least 24 hours.   Roman Column Mold Making Silicone Package: The normally package of part A:25kg/drum,200kg/drum. The normally package of part B:1kg/bottle. (25kg/drum or 200kg/drum for the ratio of 1:1 addition cure silicone rubber)

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