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What's mold making silicone rubber

Mold making silicone rubber is a kind of flowable liquid silicone, the quality has nothing to do with the color. It consists of two components. Part a is a flowable liquid silicone rubber, part b is the curing agent. Firstly, after your previous work of dealing with the original model, take some liquid silicone rubber , add 2%-3% curing agent of the amount of silicon, and mix them evenly. Then after vacuum-pumping the mixture,you can pour it into the mold frame. The silicone mold will cured in 2-4 hours.   The specification of mold making silicone rubber:   1. Durable.   2. High tear strength for replication.   3. Low shrinkage.   4. High simulation.   5. Cover fine details.   The application of mold making silicone rubber:   Mold making silicone rubber is primarily intended for mold making of gypsum, concrete, poly resin ,PU resin, unsaturated resin crafts, lighting and candles crafts , plastic toys , stationery gifts crafts industry, large statue, Buddha, relievo furniture, furniture decorative materials, statues Buddha, artifacts copied, building decoration materials, large-scale cement mold, artificial fossils Factory, European  buildings, simulation landscapes, animals and plants sculpture, sandstone crafts and so on.   Mold making Silicon rubber datasheet:   Model: 625# mold making silicon rubber   Appearance: white   Viscosity (cs): 17000-20000   Hardness (A): 24-26   Tensile strength(kgf/cm2 ) ≥32   Tear strength (kgf /cm):≥28   Elongation break(%):≥500   Retractility (%):≤0.2   Curing agent mixed rate (%):2-3   Operate time (min): 30   Curing time (hours): 2-4   Shenzhen Hongye Jie Silicone Factory professional development, increase production of liquid silicone molding,liquid silicone molding plus,plus liquid silicone rubber molding silicone products,welcome customers and dealers to negotiate,expert advice hotline:86-0755-89311348,you can also e-mail us info@szrl.net.

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