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Platinum Cure Molding Rubber Silicone RTV

Silicone is the first choice of material when casting 3 dimentional shapes that contain undercuts as it exhibits excellent release properties, a high level of surface detail, very good chemical and high temperature resistance. It comes in a two-component system (base + catalyst) available in a hardness range of very soft to medium. It is available for making moulds that are poured, brushed or sprayed.   Platinum cure molding rubber silicone rtv is used for prototyping and the reproduction of parts. Silicone rubber moulds can be constructed in many different forms depending on the shape of the part you are making. In this section we will outline how to create the easiest one part flat back mould.        Features of platinum cure molding rubber silicone rtv:   1. Good characteristics of easy-operation   2. Light viscosity and good flowability   3. Low shrinkage   4. Favorable tension   5. No deformation   6. Favorable hardness   7. High temperature resistance, acid and alkali-resistance and ageing resistance   8. Food grade, non-toxic  Operation of platinum cure molding rubber silicone rtv:   RTV625 is suitable for making moulds for small size products by pouring method;   RTV630 is suitable for making moulds for small or medium size products by pouring and brushing method;   RTV638 is suitable for making moulds for large size products by brushing method.     Shenzhen Hongye  Jie Silicone Factory professional development, increase production of liquid silicone molding,liquid silicone molding plus,plus liquid silicone rubber molding silicone products,welcome customers and dealers to negotiate,expert advice hotline:86-0755-89311348,you can also e-mail us info@szrl.net.

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