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Detailed description: silicone mold making process...

Production process Mold the form of selection and the choice of the parting line is very important, like the water features Series One is to take the mold to facilitate the mode line to be elected does not affect the overall effect of, does not affect product quality, product parting line location too high to seal the parting line more than expected, product cracking easily thrown; reduce the process to manipulate the process, like the opening half of the mold. To prevent silicone four mold species with wooden poles or planks fixed in the scope of a rule, the opening piece mold with wood and clay separating the first open that sector, the requirements that there is no gap between the sludge and mold the clay surface smooth. On the cast or mold species in the above-mentioned preparation is finished, then coated with vaseline or sprayed with release agent, smooth product requirements with a clean cotton cloth coated with Vaseline coated in the mold species average, for 30 minutes to mold species full absorption of Vaseline, and then a clean cotton cloth to clean the mold surface, requiring bright surface; texture evenly coated with petroleum jelly can be according to formula silicone tone. Silicone deployment according to the irregular direction for mixing, curing agent and silicone mix to minimize the air mixed with gel, smooth product is best when coated with the first layer of plastic pumping a vacuum, the vacuum degree requirements to maintain-0.1Mpa 7-8 seconds. Silica gel with a good timely molding. Glue with trickle down in the highest parts of the mold species, let the natural flow, the flow is not in place with a painting brush in place, if it is a piece mold silicone not only covered the entire product and have to brush the average clay on. Each product at least brush each layer of silica gel of the three-layer silica gel thickness of 1 mm, silicone brush, require curing each layer in order to brush another layer, brush the third layer on the second floor above plus a layers of gauze to increase the strength of the silicone. Throughout the silicone mold department in accordance with the size of the product requirements of thickness control in 3-4mm, the width is not greater than the product of the width of 60mm. Silicone clotting time was 20 minutes. A master mold dry cleaned for smooth handling (can play a layer of mold release wax or brush one release agent) 2, 500-1000 g mold silicone rubber (silicone mold, plastic mold, silicone rubber, silicone) Sheng, such as plastic pots spare; 3 hardener weight ratio (typically 1.5-2.5%) weighed into the container to mix, stir the average; 4, depending on the situation (especially the first layer) to a certain amount of Silicone thinner. Until blended average date, usually 3-5 minutes. 5 Mold silicone rubber (silicone mold, plastic mold, silicone rubber, silica gel) and hardener mixed at room temperature, the reaction, and acquit the low molecular weight alcohol, the alcohol molecules from the colloid to be ranked in the negative pressure bubble 1-3 minutes. May also not with the equipment (mainly depending on the experience of the manipulation of the mold division) 6, multi-layered the brushing piece mold, to be followed within and outside at the same time curing is appropriate. The curing agent is relatively low, the reaction time is lengthened, the full response, colloid like curing agent is preferably within less foreign. When brushing until the first layer (inner layer) dry and then brush the second layer. Manipulation of time of 30-50 minutes, the removal time is 10-15 hours. The curing time of 24 hours. Pay attention to brushing the first and second floor plus the best cloth, such as mold and greatly advances the life of mold (but must not use the glass fiber cloth, otherwise easily lead to stratification and make the entire mold scrapped) 7, three-dimensional perfusion mode, generally 10-15 hours of curing as well. 8, the soft mold making is completed but also produced to support the plaster or fiberglass jacket soft silicone mold to pay attention to: a parting line options: choose easy to dismantle easily processed after grouting location; select the mold itself in the position does not affect the appearance of the product; mode position; not easily deformed position 2, is driven out of the production progress must not blindly increase the amount of hardener, otherwise it will greatly reduce the life of the silicone mold. The common topics encountered in the application of silicone mold A. Why silicone mold arise from turning model less? Added too much in the process of making molds of silicone oil, silicone oil destroyed the molecular weight of the silicone mold will float to the surface turning model of fewer non-durable phenomenon. If you say do small pieces of the pattern is more complex products, the hardness of the silicone mold, it will float to the surface the less of the number of turning model, Because silicone excellent time very brittle, easily broken. The contrary, if to do to build the products with the hardness of the silicone to do mold, the same results will be unsatisfactory. Silica gel is too soft, it's tensile and tear strength will be reduced, do out of the mold deformation will reduce the number of turning model. Plastic mold quality are good, the silicone is not good or bad, only suitable or unsuitable. Suitable for the size of the product hardness silicone to make the mold would not have thrown this situation. Why silicone mold arise from the phenomenon of the burning mode? Case of resin, unsaturated resin and resin products and a peroxide curing agent, the reaction will produce large amounts of heat, general resin curing time of three minutes, three minutes later as mold release, silicone mold will not be able to prevent produce the phenomenon of the burning mode. Why silicone mold arise from the table dry phenomenon li quit? Silicone mold of condensation silicone, it is cured by absorbing moisture in the air and silica in the process of making the water evaporated, but not transferred to the appropriate amount of water will float to the surface of this phenomenon. Solution: This phenomenon does not belong to the product quality topics, but no control over the water, promotion of silica gel shelf life, shelf life is long before thrown these phenomena, when using silica gel, add the appropriate amount of 0.05% moisture, mixing average can solve the situation. Why silicone mold will float to the surface tension difference between the phenomenon? Customers in the process of making the mold, in order to reduce the viscosity of the silicone, the silicone easily manipulate a lot of added silicone oil on silica gel, which would make the silicone becomes very soft, resulting in intolerance to pull, tear strength reduce the deterioration of the tension, resulting in the mold is not durable, life is short, fewer turning model of the phenomenon. Why mold arise from the Mao situation? Silicone mold itself is not Mao's thrown Mao is in the process of manipulation to add the complex ligand complex silicone oil (silicone oil and white mineral oil), white mineral oil petrochemical products, not silicon oil. Why mold will produce acid, intolerant aging phenomenon? In the process of making silicone molds, we recommend that customers with the best without any silicone oil, if needed, the silicone oil added up to not more than 5% to 10%. As the silicone oil added too much will destroy the molecular weight of silica gel, so do come out of the mold will produce acid, intolerance of aging phenomena. 7. Why silicone mold made out of the mold will float to the surface the surface traces of stripes, not smooth phenomenon? Float to the surface of this phenomenon is the product or model you want to copy the sake of grinding or polishing. Fact, the model or the product itself is not smooth or perfect, so you want to copy a product or model, if not through grinding or polishing, even the best silicone molds will be pretty, is not smooth enough. There is a situation that is playing the mold release agents, there is no brushing the average will be caused by mold is not smooth.

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