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Silicone polymer in the application of the electro...

Silicone polymer material has been widely used in the electronics industry, including the process for making integrated circuits today as the entire device, and the structure of the composition. The reason is that the polymer which is widely available materials can be designed and synthesized with the nature and the exact functionality of the known uses require. Notably, the polymer forming material is used as a lithographic printing material, dielectric, passivation and insulating material, is in progress to a large extent, the device is made dependent on the development of industrial polymer material technology.   In the past few decades, it takes a typical integrated circuit (IC) components to reduce the United States and features more than three orders of magnitude, while the performance is to be improved. This achievement is mainly through reducing the minimum size of the device makes a solid expansion of the scale of integration possible. In 1975, the device level of technology elements in 7 ~ 9um range, and by 1998, component production at that with the smallest device is 0.25 ~ 0.35um, significant progress this is to increase the accuracy and decreasing size of the device mimics complex films a direct result of the structure.   Datas are from Shenzhen Hong Ye Jie Technology Co., Ltd., if you want forward, please indicate it. Hong Ye silicone, quality and quantity guarantee, we welcome new and old customers and dealers to discuss business, the company official website: http://www.szrl.net contact number :400-779-4008, you can also send us an email info@szrl.net.

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