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AB Potting Compound for Sensors Voltage Transformer

Product No:HY-90 series HY-93 series
Product Usage: AB potting compound is suitable for all kinds of sensors potting and voltage transformer encapsulating as well as electronic and electrical components LED junction box wind energy motor substrate etc. with requirements for waterproof insulation and heat conduction. And the bonding and sealing of various power modules control modules automotive HID ballast lamps and various power control modules.

        Sensor is a kind of detection device, which is the primary link to realize automatic detection and automatic control. It can feel the measured information and transform the sensed information into electrical signals or other required forms of information output according to a certain law, so as to meet the requirements of information transmission, processing, storage, display, recording and control. The sensor is generally composed of four parts: sensitive element, conversion element, conversion circuit and auxiliary power supply.

        AB potting compound is suitable for all kinds of s
ensors potting and voltage transformer encapsulating,  as well as electronic and electrical components, LED junction box, wind energy motor, substrate, etc. with requirements for waterproof, insulation and heat conduction. And the bonding and sealing of various power modules, control modules, automotive HID ballast, lamps and various power control modules.

* Low viscosity, good fluidity, suitable for potting and molding of various electronic product names and their accessories;

* AB potting compound has good insulation and excellent corona and leakage resistance. Therefore, it can provide protection, sealing and insulation for electronic and electrical products;

* Liquid potting compound has good heat resistance, moisture resistance and cold resistance, and can prolong the service life of electronic accessories after application.

* It can be cured at room temperature

* It has moisture-proof and waterproof effect.

* The potting glue is specially designed for potting sensors. It has good fluidity after proper heating. It is suitable for the assembly of precision sensor components with small gap.

* After curing, the shrinkage is very low and the internal stress is small. At the same time, it has good adhesion to metal, ceramics and other substrates, which can meet the harsh aging requirements.

* Sensors potting silicone is mainly used for bonding and potting of structural parts, reinforcement and bonding protection of motor insulation.

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