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Polymer Moisture-proof Plugging Agent Silicone Rubber

Product No:HY-230
Product Usage:HY-230 polymer moisture-proof plugging agent which is mainly used in electric power. It is specially used in distribution network outer ring network cabinet box type transformer cable branch box distribution network control cabinet and substation outdoor terminal box mechanism operation box electric knife switch box high and low voltage switch cabinet central control unit cabinet etc.

        Many electrical equipment failures are caused by moisture and moisture. How to prevent moisture and dehumidification of electrical equipment has always been the concern of power operation and maintenance personnel. In the humid environment, indoor power facilities are facing more and more obvious threats, which have a great impact on the safe operation of electrical equipment. In electrical engineering, when the relative humidity is greater than 80% RH, it is called high humidity; high humidity is the main cause of electrical equipment accidents.

        If you want to be able to prevent moisture and dehumidification, you need to block the immersion of moisture and humid air. How can you do this? You can block the bottom of the cabinet with high polymer moisture before it is put into use or when it is transformed, and cut off the path of hot and cold air circulation. On the one hand, you can avoid moisture, and if there is no moisture, it will not condense naturally. On the other hand, you can prevent small animals from entering Damage to electrical equipment.


        HY-230 polymer moisture-proof plugging agent is mainly used in electric power. It is specially used in distribution network outer ring network cabinet, box type transformer, cable branch box, distribution network control cabinet and substation outdoor terminal box, mechanism operation box, electric knife switch box, high and low voltage switch cabinet, central control unit cabinet, etc.

Flame retardant UL: 94V-0 [ E354635 ]
* High safety: waterproof, moisture-proof, dust-proof, prevent small animal invasion, fire retardant
* Simple operation: simple construction, single person operation, no auxiliary (electricity, fire and water, etc.)
* Good fluidity: fully flow on the sealing surface and automatically level before curing
* Resistant to all kinds of harsh environment: anti-corrosion, can withstand all kinds of harsh environment
* Tight adhesion: closely combined with cable sheath and surrounding building structure, no corrosion reaction
* Solid structure: solid molecular closed cell matrix structure, toughness, light weight after molding, will not break or fall
* Long effect: no deformation, deterioration and cracking after curing, and the service life is more than or equal to 10 years
* Convenient construction: it can be used on the suspended floor or directly on the floor. It is an ideal choice for the safety protection of electrical equipment, and the secondary opening is simple and convenient

1. Before use, first mix component a evenly, which can make the colloid fluidity better than that of the long standing and direct use, and also make the settled gray pigment mix evenly; then shake component B well, which can make the adhesive component of agent B more uniform.

2. When mixing, the weight ratio of component A: component B = 10:1 should be observed.

3. 25 degrees of room temperature curing products, after perfusion in room temperature curing, basic curing into the next process, deep curing needs 12 hours.
        Ambient temperature and humidity have A great impact on curing, such as environmental humidity is too low, easy to affect the bonding performance of the material, can consider adding 1/1000 of water in proportion to A component, or placing A humidifier in the environment.It should be noted that when water is added, the operational time of the material will be shortened accordingly.

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