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Nontoxic silicone rubber

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Discription nontoxic silicone rubber Nontoxic silicone rubber the mixing ratio is 1:1, 10:1 or 9:1 with odorless, environmental friendly, and food grade. Two parts of nontoxic silicone rubber, both in liquid form, part A is the silicone, and part B is the platinum curing agent.   Application nontoxic silicone rubber Nontoxic silicone rubber is mainly used for making molds of chocolate cake, candy, GRC, cemnet, plaster, resin, soap, candle, artificial stone, gypsum, polyurethane, ice sculpture, tire. Nontoxic silicone rubber used for prototying suitable for the production of mechanical parts.   Nontoxic silicone rubber used for to make soft silicone products, such as body organs, artificial limbs, sex products, artificial breasts ,body breast enhancers, silicone toys, silicone simulation skin , silicone insoles etc. Nontoxic silicone rubber used for electronic potting of the encapsulation of circuit board, LED, LCD electronic display, power cord’s adhesive, power supply box, ultra-thin computers, game consoles, digital camera products and so on. Nontoxic silicone rubber for coating on textile, baby nipples, milk bottle, and so on.   HONG YE JIE Profile & Advantages: As the global leading silicone rubber manufacturer with 20 years experience of silicone rubber’s production, and 12 years silicone rubber’s exporting experience, Shenzhen Hong Ye Jie Technology is the BIGGEST EXPORTER of liquid silicone rubber of China since 2013, and our silicone rubber has been well-received by 138 countries and areas with 18 experts R&D team!   HONG YE Service: Provide free sample, free operation technique of liuqid silicone rubber HONG YE SILICONE RUBBER Packaging & Shipping: Sample packaging: 1kg Cargo packaging: metal drum and plastic drum: 5kg, 20kg, 25kg and 200kg Shippping: Transport as non-dangerous Article

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