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Silicone rubber for vacuum bagging

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Description of silicone rubber for vacuum bagging:   HY-E620 is a kind of two part silicone rubber in addition cure or platinum cure type with mixing ratio of 1:1 or 10:1 . It can cure at room temperature as well as under heat . It’s a kind of food grade silicone and mainly used for vacuum bagging.   Application of silicone rubber for vacuum bagging: It is used for glass vacuum laminating machines/Furnace etc Product Features : heat-resistant, high elasticity, special surface property (no adhesion) and physiological inertia, anti-aging, anti-corrosive, non-polluting   Note: Above technical datasheet of ** is not the fixed parameters, and it's adjustable according to customer's requirements.   Warm tips of silicone rubber for vacuum bagging : 1.As addition cure silicone is a kind of platinum cure system ,which will be easy to cause uncure problem, so kindly follow the tips below : *Do not mix with liquid condensation silicone rubber or even the tool which used for condensation silicone *Do not mix with organic matter which contains N, S, P organics and ionic compound like Sn, As,Hg, Ph, *Do not add any pigment or powder into the addition cure silicone rubber without any testing to prevent uncure problem   Package of silicone rubber for vacuum bagging : 20KG/drum vacuum packing for part A + 20KG/drum vacuum packing for part B 200KG/drum packing for part A +200KG/drum packing for part B   Shelf life of silicone rubber for vacuum bagging : Twelve(12) months when stored under dry and cool place by original package under 25℃

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