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Resin Crafts Mold Silicone Rubber

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Resin Crafts Mold Silicone Rubber Description:   Resin crafts mold silicone rubber is also named the appropriative resin crafts mold silicone rubber,which is a kind of condensation cure silicone rubber,part A is flowable liquid silicone,part B is vulcanizing agent,they can be quickly formed after mixing,it is easy to operate.   Resin Crafts Mold Silicone Rubber Application:   Resin crafts mold silicone rubber is intended for large,medium and small size products mold making and the products with detailed or intricate pattern,such as mold making of poly resin crafts,epoxy,Pu resin,lighting,candle,handmade soap,etc.   Resign Crafts Mold Silicone Rubber Features: 1.High temperature resistance,generally the temperature can reach 180-300 ℃.if special reagents are added,the silicone will be higher-temperature.Due to unsaturated resin will release a lot of heat when curing,it is easy to destroy silicone moulds.Therefore,the advantage of Hong Ye silicone rubber is higher-temperature,it can save much cost. 2.The viscosity,hardness after curing,operation time,curing time and color of liquid silicone rubber are available on the basis of your requirements. 3.Low shrinkage,the shrinkage of condensation type is less than 0.3%,and the shrinkage of addition cure type is less than 0.1%. 4.Good tensile and tear strength,non-deformation,durable,high duplication times.   Resin Crafts mold Silicone Rubber Operations: 1.Using the liquid silicone rubber with high hardness for large size products,such as split mould.On the contrary,for detailed small size products with intricate patterns,using the liquid silicone rubber with low hardness,such as envelope. 2.The amount of catalyst you add depends on your requirements.if you want to dry and demould quickly,adding more catalyst.On the contrary,if you want to demould slowly,adding less catalyst.(the amount of catalyst you add should be less than 5%)   Hong Ye silicone rubber---crafts mold silicone datasheet of HY-625: Model HY-625 Appearance liquid Hardness(shore A ) 25±2 Mixing ratio(%) 2-3 Viscosity(mPa.s) 25000±2000 Tensile strength(MPa) 3.4 Tear-strength(kN/m) 24±2 Elongation(%) 410 Shrinkage rate(%) 0.3 Operation time(mins) 30-40 Curing time(hrs 25℃) 3-4     Silicone Rubber and Curing agent Reaction: 1.The amount of curing agent is 1%,mixture is still flowable in 2.5 hours,demould after 6-8 hours. 2.The amount of curing agent is 2%,mixture is still flowable in 50-60 minutes,demould after 2-3hours. 3.The amount of curing agent is 3%,mixture is still flowable in 28-30 minutes,demould after 1.5-2 hours. 4.The amount of curing agent is 4%,mixture is still flowable in 10-15 minutes,demould after 1-1.5 hours.

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