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RTV2 silicone

Product No:HY series
Product Usage:We provide RTV2 silicone for various kinds of applications and usage such as molding silicone rubber; electronic potting silicone; two parts silicone adhesive silicone foam silicone ink for embossing screen printing silicone pad printing silicone silicone gel; medical grade silicone skin safe silicone prosthetic silicone and so on.

As the global leading rtv2 silicone manufacturer with 18 years experience of silicone rubber’s production and 10 years silicone rubber’s exporting, Shenzhen Hong Ye Jie Technology is the BIGGEST EXPORTER of liquid silicone rubber of China in 2013, and our silicone rubber has been well-received by 138 countries and areas !

We provide RTV2 silicone 

for various kinds of applications and usage


1.Molding Silicone Rubber, it includes the tin cure molding silicone, platinum cure molding silicone and  injection mold making silicone rubber, which are excellent for making molds for chocolate tray, jelly tray, sugar tray, candy molds, cake molds, ice cream, ice sculpture, butter, fondant, bread, baking and other food decorations. And this kind of silicone is also good for prototype design /rapid prototyping, diamond, jewelry and resin rhinestones molding.

High elasticity RTV2 silicone rubber air curing silicone liquid


2. Medical Grade Silicone Rubber which is also food grade material too, it's a kind of human grade silicone, which are used for making silicone nipple, silicone foot health products and silicone chiropody’s products, such as silicone shoe insole, heel cups, toe spreader and silicone child toys, silicone baby doll which are safe for baby sucking, tiny silicone animal and so on.

High elasticity RTV2 silicone rubber air curing silicone liquidHigh elasticity RTV2 silicone rubber air curing silicone liquid



3. Prosthetic Grade Silicone Rubber/ Life Casting Silicone Rubber which is skin safe silicone rubber, it’s suitable for making human body molds and silicone dummies, silicone organs, silicone mask, silicone prosthesis, silicone breast pad/ bra pad, shoulder pads, silicone artificial limbs, silicone simulated robot and so on, and peoples always like flesh stone silicone rubber. 

High elasticity RTV2 silicone rubber air curing silicone liquid



4.Sealing Potting Silicone Rubber, which is called jelly silicone rubber and flume sealing silicone rubber, it’s used for potting the surface of electronics such as PC (poly-carbonate), PP, ABS, PVC, metal; and encapsulating the flume and sump, with the purpose of electronic insulation, heat-insulated, waterproof and bonding, outdoor protection and technique protection.

High elasticity RTV2 silicone rubber air curing silicone liquid


5.Foamed Liquid Silicone Rubber, which is always used as a filling material for PU products, silicone clone human, polyurethane furniture, since silicone rubber foam is very lightweight.

High elasticity RTV2 silicone rubber air curing silicone liquid




6.Silicone for Making Printing Pad: Which is applicable to produce silicone printing pads. So friends, if you are interest in our mold making silicone rubber / casting silicone rubber, we welcome you to negotiate with us. Thank you.

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