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Silicone Molds Rubber

Product No:HY-6,HY-E,HY-Y8,HY-MJ series
Product Usage:It contains condensation cure silicone mold rubber, addition cure silicone mold rubber, it includes Condensation Cure Mold making silicone rubber, Addition Cure Mold Making Silicone Rubber, Body Molding Silicone Rubber, Injection Mold Making Silicone Rubber.

        Mold Making Silicone Rubber/ China Leading Silicone Rubber Manufacturer As the global leading silicone rubber manufacturer with 18 years experience of silicone rubber’s production and 10 years silicone rubber’s exporting, Shenzhen Hong Ye Jie Technology is the BIGGEST EXPORTER of liquid silicone rubber of China in 2013, and our silicone rubber has been well-received by 138 countries and areas !

        We provide s
ilicone molds rubber for various kinds of applications and usage. rtv silicone mold rubber is liquid two part silicone rubber, is a elastic silicone gel after curing, very flexible mold for repeated replication copies application. 

It contains condensation cure silicone mold rubber, addition cure silicone mold rubber.

Condensation Cure Mold making silicone rubber, which are widely used for molding arts and crafts and sculptures, furniture, shoe soles, manual design, car tire , artificial stone, concrete, cement, plaster, gypsum, and aluminum casting, jewelry casting, lost wax casting and so on. 

Addition Cure Mold Making Silicone Rubber is also a kind of Food Grade Molding Silicone Rubber, which are excellent for making molds for chocolate tray, jelly tray, sugar tray, candy molds, cake molds, ice cream, ice sculpture, butter, fondant, bread, baking and other food decorations. It’s also good for diamond, jewelry and resin rhinestones molding. And this kind of silicone is also good for prototype design /rapid prototyping. 

Body Molding Silicone Rubber, which is a kind of life casting silicone rubber, it’s suitable for making human body molds and silicone dummies, silicone organs, silicone mask, silicone prosthesis, silicone breast pad/ bra pad, shoulder pads, silicone artificial limbs, silicone simulated robot and so on, and peoples always like flesh stone silicone rubber. Silicone Body Molding Rubber 

Injection Mold Making Silicone Rubber, which is specially used for mold making with injection machine, so this kind of silicone rubber is with high viscosity, generally more than 60000 cps. 

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