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What is high temperature resistant platinum cure silicone rubber? Is there any selling point of high temperature resistant addition silicone rubber in Shenzhen? What are the functions of all of them? Is it a safe and environmentally friendly material?   High temperature resistant addition silicone rubber is a kind of synthetic rubber, which belongs to the silicone sequence. The silicone rubber has elastic silicone rubber and silicone rubber, the former has lower strength, the latter has higher strength, the viscosity of the vulcanized rubber before the vulcanization is low, it is convenient for pouring, it does not release heat when vulcanizing, no low molecular by-products are released, shrinkage rate is small, deep vulcanization is easy, and operation is simple.   After vulcanization, it becomes a soft, transparent or translucent elastomer, which can keep elasticity for a long time in the temperature range of - 65 ~ 200 ℃. It has excellent electrical performance and chemical stability, water resistance, ozone resistance, radiation resistance, weather aging resistance, hydrophobic moisture-proof, shockproof, good low compression deformation, low combustion; it has physiological inertia, non-toxic, tasteless, and vulcanization speed, which can be controlled smoothly by temperature.   High temperature resistant addition silicone rubber is also a kind of safe and environmentally friendly material. It has many similarities with foamed silicone rubber and food grade silicone rubber, such as safety, environmental protection, non-toxic, odorless, food grade certification, FDA certification and so on.   Our company is a professional manufacturer of high temperature resistant silicone rubber. Welcome to visit Hongye silicone rubber company. Let's have a look at our strength, our culture, our vision and mission.

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