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The usage of liquid potting compound filling silic...

Application of insulating pouring silicone gel 1. It is mainly used for waterproof, insulation, moisture-proof, heat conduction, flame retardant, noise reduction, shock absorption and fixation of electronic products such as electronic components, power boxes, circuit boards, LED display screens, stabilizers, transformers, sensors, circuit boards and boxes. 2. For solar energy, backlight, hid, LCD electronic display, circuit board potting, bonding, coating. 3. Circuit module, automotive electronic module, ignition module, power module, electronic components are deeply sealed.   Advantages of insulating and encapsulating silicone gel with HONG YE SILICONE 1. Superior insulation performance 2. It has the advantages of no heat release, no corrosion and small shrinkage when curing; 3. It is suitable for all kinds of heat conduction sealing and pouring of electronic components to form thermal insulation system; 4. High and low temperature resistance, high temperature resistance up to 250 degrees, low temperature resistance up to - 60 degrees; 5. It adheres to elasticity in a wide temperature range, with excellent insulation and thermal conductivity; 6. The potted electronic products can enhance their water-proof ability, anti-seismic ability and heat dissipation performance, protect electronic products from the erosion of natural environment and prolong their service life.

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