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Can silicone and silicone bond?

Today i’d like to keep sharing our silicone technology with you to help you get more skills on promoting silicone as you wish. Sometimes, some clients asked me: Can silicone and silicone bond? Adhesion should be analyzed from two perspectives: Cured silicone parts and uncured silicone parts? Because silicone rubber is not self-adhesive, so when it's cured, it can't stick anything, that's why you can’t stick two cured silicone piece together strongly without adhesive. But the uncured silicone rubber will bond anything during its curing process from liquid to solid, then after the silicone get vulcanization completely, so you can't split them up. So the adhesion of using uncured silicone to bond another part of cured or uncured silicone is excellent. Above solution will get best performance of bonding, but there are other solutions for reference. 1.Using adhesive which is specially for silicone rubber. 2.Using silicone sealant. However, most of the silicone sealant can only be used for bonding condensation silicone and condensation silicone. If used for bonding addition silicone and addition silicone, it’s easy to have the curing problem for the uncured addition silicone. 3.If it’s condensation silicone parts, the curing agent can also be applied on the surface of the cured parts, and the effect of uncured parts and cured parts will be better.

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