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13 methods to ensure the service life of silicone ...

When we use silicone mold, in order to save cost and improve work efficiency, of course, we hope that silicone mold’s replication times can have many times as possible.  As a 21 years manufacturer of liquid molding silicone rubber, here show 13 methods for your reference to ensure the shelf life of silicone rubber mold:   1.Choose suitable hardness 1)The products with simple pattern are easy to demould, so it’s recommended to choose harder silicone 2)For the products with fine patterns, due to the fear of damaging the products, it’s recommended to choose softer silicone, because the softer the better the demoulding. Unless a mold line is opened on the silicone mold which will avoid the mold be scrapped quickly due to too much pulling when demoulding.   2.Choose suitable molding method 1)Pouring molding: for product which pattern isn’t complicate, size isn’t big. 2)Brushing molding: for product which patter is complicate, size is big or too big . 3)Both pouring and brushing molding are suitable sometimes, it depends on client’s personal habits and product’s actual situation   3.Quality control should be in place when purchasing silicone rubber Good material and strong manufacturer is very important, for example, some manufacturers will add cheap silicone oil, such as white mineral oil to replace silicone oil, or add powder to reduce the production cost. Hong Ye Silicone has always used high-quality silicone oil, so there is no need to worry about this.   4.Is glass fiber cloth added to the mold or not. If conditions permit, such as brush mold, or lying pouring mold, there are conditions for adding a layer of glass fiber cloth in the middle of the mold   5.Are release agents used or not Release agent can not only avoid the sticky problem which destroy the mold’s surface, but also accelerate the demoulding speed and avoid damaging the mold when pulling the mold for too long   6.The silicone A and B are mixed and stirred evenly or not Otherwise, the mold will be cured incompletely which will destroy the mold easily during demoulding.   7.The service life of the mould can be prolonged by vacuuming to release bubbles. Imagine, a mold full of holes, bubbles everywhere, this mold can have a good tear strength?   8.Increase the thickness of the silicone mold. As we all know, the thicker the mold is, the tensile force and tear resistance will naturally increase. If the mold is too thin, it will easily break and tear.   9.Resin and polyurethane products should be demoulded as soon as possible Resin will produce a lot of heat which will destroy the silicone mold easily. Generally, the curing time of resin is 3 minutes, so the mold should be demoulded as soon as possible after 3 minutes to prevent the silicone mold from burning.   10.In the process of making the mold, it is recommended that no silicone oil be added into the silicone. Silicone oil will reduce the hardness and viscosity, but same time, it will reduce the quality too. This is the basic knowledge.   11.Outer mold is very important to keep the mold safe without deformation Both plaster and resin are used widely for outer mold for brushing molding.   12.The preservation of the mold is also very important When the mold does not need to be used, it should be placed flat on the shelf, or filled with some gypsum water in the mold. Although this method will solve shrinkage problem and avoid deformation.   13.Put the silicone mold into production after 24 hours of curing The silicone can be demoulded after curing within 3-5h generally. However, the hardness, tensile and tear properties of the mold have not yet reached the normal level within 24 hours.   Hope above ideas are helpful for you, still same, if need silicone rubber or have any questions about it, pls contact me freely, we are 21 years liquid silicone rubber that professional enough to offer you best service, i’m confident for it.

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