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Amazing! Three ways to make mold with liquid silic...

Wish the hot of Summer to dispel the virus, people can breathe freely in the sun. So lucky to know you and we are able to breathe under the same world. Today HONG YE SILICONE would like to share the detailed introduction about silicone for mold casting. The former emails we shared with you: (1) tin cure silicone for gypsum/concrete/stone/resin etc mold making (2) platinum cure silicone for penis, vagina,sex dolls, medical stitch practise casting and mold making etc (3) Liquid silicone rubber for electronic potting, such as LED,LCD, PCB potting and so on. (4) Change silicone performance , such as operate time and cure time, thicken and thin changing of silicone. (5) Liquid silicone foam replacing PU foam (6) Change silicone hardness with two codes of silicone (7) Liquid silicone gel transparent (8) How to add pigment to silicone (9) How to heat print silicone to cloth Usually why people choose liquid silicone for mold casting? Because liquid silicone can duplicate the detailed patterns of products , cheaper than steel mould, little shrinkage and so on. What can we see about silicone rubber liquid for mold in the market? 1 liquid silicone to make resin/stone/concrete/plaster mold by pouring way. To pour silicone into the ready product, it requires silicone have good fluidity, no bubbles, high tear and tensile strength. Thus we HONGYE silicone has hot sale tin cure 620/625/630/640 for you. They are similar with DOW silastic 3481/3483. For higher quality, we have platinum cure E620/E625/E630/E635/E640 similar with DOW 4210,RTV4234,Smooth-on EZ Spray20/35 and so on. 2 liquid silicone to make big size stone/detailed patterns of plaster mold by brushing way. It's used for duplicating detailed patterns of gypsum, buddhist Statues and others. Only difference is the viscosity, we we have tin cure 635 and platinum cure Y830,Y840 for you. 3 liquid silicone rubber for spraying way to make PU resin/concrete/vacuum bag/gel coat and others mold. The most popular of silicone in the market is Smooth-on's, EZ Spray 20/silicone 35, we have E620/E630/E635/E640 for this. The advantages about this kind of silicone has great liquidity and cure faster, higher tear and tensile strength. WE ARE RTV2 LIQUID SILICONE RUBBER PROFESSIONAL MANUFACTURER IN CHINA FOR 22 YEARS, YOU CAN TRUST US WITH OUR PRODUCTS.

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