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Why the silicone mold can only be used for several...

That's because of adding too much silicone oil into the silicone rubber, it destroyed the molecular weight of the silica gel, so the mold can appear the phenomenon such as fewer rolling over not durable.      If do small decorative pattern more complex products, with high hardness of silicone rubber to make molds, it can appear the phenomenon of fewer rolling over, because the silicone mold will be very fragile, easily broken. On the contrary, if make building products with small hardness of silicone rubber to do the mold, the results also is not satisfied.      Because the silicone is too soft, its tensile and tear strength will reduce, it will make mold deformation, so it will reduce number of rolling over.      The quality of the mold silicone is very good, only suitable for and not suitable for. We should use suitable type of silicone rubber for the size of the product to make the mould, then it won't appear this kind of problem.

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