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Liquid Silicone for Making Silicone Roller

Product No:HY-E series
Product Usage:HY-E series liquid silicone is suitable for manufacturing mirror roller slotting roller rubber roller dust removing rubber roller dust removing silicon rubber roller leather roller anti-static rubber roller heat transfer rubber roller embossing roller embossing roller anilox roller fogging roller etc.


        HY-E series liquid silicone is suitable for manufacturing mirror roller, slotting roller, rubber roller, dust removing rubber roller, dust removing silicon rubber roller, leather roller, anti-static rubber roller, heat transfer rubber roller embossing roller, embossing roller, anilox roller, fogging roller, etc. it can be used for printing, food iron printing, chemical fiber, paper making, packaging, printing and dyeing, paper making leather, plastic processing, textile, color printing, leather making, etc.

Performance characteristics

1. The silicone has high temperatures resistance, 

The shrinkage rate is good, the silicone shrinkage rate is 1 / 1000, and the copied rubber roller is not deformed;

2. Silicone rubber has good fluidity, is suitable for manual and mechanical operation, can be poured and painted, and is simple to operate;

3. High tensile resistance, good resilience, not easy to damage;

4. It can be cured at room temperature or heated quickly.

5. It has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance and non expansion;

6. The surface has good adhesion and can be used for a long time without deterioration.


1. The iron core is made and coated with primer (imported adhesive is provided) and dried (3-5 minutes);

2. Prepare the mold, fix the mold and apply the release agent;

3. Glue pouring A and B mixed pouring (can be poured by injection machine). The large rubber roller needs to be mixed for multiple times and poured alternately (it cannot wait until the silicone rubber poured last time is cured).

4. Heating and baking curing (large rubber roller is generally cured naturally)

5. Cooling by cold water tank and demoulding by hydraulic press;

6. Remove the formwork and trim the finished products.

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