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Filling Material Silicone Foam

Product No:HY-F
Product Usage:It’s a perfect filling material for toys and dolls flame retardant heat insulation board electronics and so on.foamed silicone rubber is widely used in automobile aerospace computer electromechanical industry fax machine printer automobile machinery kitchen appliances household appliances and other equipment.

        It is a open cell flame retardant silicone foam, two-component platinum cure liquid silicone rubber which can be vulcanized under room temperature with high grade in open cell porous.

        It’s a perfect filling material suitable below applications:
- Filling material of toys and dolls
- Filling material of flame retardant heat insulation board
- Filling material of electronics

        Foamed silicone rubber is widely used in automobile, aerospace, computer, electromechanical industry, fax machine, printer, automobile machinery, kitchen appliances, household appliances and other equipment

* High grade of open cell porous

* High grade of flame retardant

* Low deformation rate permanently

* Uniform foaming and good stability

* Excellent high and low temperature resistance, weather resistance, chemical stability and good biological inertia

* FDA food grade, non-toxic and tasteless

* Easy pouring, and easy operation

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