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Transparent silicone rubber

Transparent silicone rubber is the best choice for diamond molding, crystal molding, resin crystal rhinestone molding.It is suitable for flat dies and special three-dimensional mold plastic mold replication.Transparent silicone rubber is the best choice of mold making material for complex shape and high-precision products molding & casting.   Transparent silicone rubber Application:   Transparent silicone rubber is specialize for crystal silicone mold, imitation zircon silicone mold , crystal resin diamond silicone mold, crystal facets diamond silicone mold, and polyester/ polyurethane/ epoxy section diamond silicone mold,  rhinestone jewelry silicone mold, amber silicone mold, crystal jewelry silicone mold, imitation agate silicone molo, jade mold, jewelry rings silicone mold , boutique crafts molding and casting.   Transparent silicone rubber Characteristics:   1. Low shrinkage (less than 0.1% ).   2. High tensile and tear strength with high copy times.   3. Hing heat resistance which can up to 250 °C.   4. Easy for operation (mixing ratio at 1:1 /10:1).   5. Very good flow and easy for pouring operation.   6. Fast and non-shrink cure at room temperature which can be accelerated considerably by the application of heat.   Note: the above data for this product in 25°C temperature, 55percent humidity conditions, for reference. The accurate data is measured by customers when using.   Shenzhen Hongye Jie Silicone Factory professional development, increase production of liquid silicone molding,liquid silicone molding plus,plus liquid silicone rubber molding silicone products,welcome customers and dealers to negotiate,expert advice hotline:86-0755-89311348,you can also e-mail us info@szrl.net.

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